Monday, 9 November 2015

9th National workshop on Phonosurgery at Sri Sathya Sai Institute ENT & VOICE, at Guntur on 27th-December 2015,exclusively on OFFICE BASED LARYNGEAL PROCEDURES (OLP) or AWAKE VOCAL FOLD PROCEDURES IN OFFICE & IN O.T

Inauguration of First National Workshop Exclusively on Awake Vocal Fold Surgery by Honorable Minister for Health & Medical Education Dr.Kamineni Srinivas ,Govt of Andhra Pradesh ,India at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of E.N,T & Voice,Guntur,A.P,India

   Hands on Thyroplasty dissection course on sheep Larynx for the       first time in India during the workshop under the guidance of                                        Prof.Phaniendra Kumar

              Press coverage of the Workshop

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


PUBEROPHONIACorrection of female voice in males

Puberophonia is an altered behavioral voice problem in boys or males due to changes in the tension of vocal folds resulting in a high pitched or female voice.

Voice therapy:- Excellent results in 80% of cases

Type-III Thyroplasty
Is the choice of surgery which is done under local anesthesia while tuning the frequency on the operating table while the person is awake and speaking. It is usually indicated when the conventional treatment of voice therapy failed or in patients who are reluctant to voice therapy

Results of Surgery :- More than 98% are successful in our hands since 1996

Voice Conversion is possible either by voice therapy or pitch altering surgery or sometimes both combined. Pitch altering surgery is one type of Phonosurgery done under local anesthesia while the person is speaking on the operating table It is applied for conversion of female voice to male voice in males and vice versa
This technique also called as Laryngeal Frame work surgery,also useful for voice conversions in transsexuals with other added procedures.

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Awake Voice Surgery in youngest Child

Office Laryngeal Surgeries for Vocal Polyps,Nodules,keratosis

Office Laryngeal Surgeries (for Vocal Polyps,Nodules,keratosis) are advanced  procedures done for  patients with Voice disorders in out patient departments.

As these surgeries are done under local anesthesia, the procedures are very safe even in high risk Cardiac patients or any patient having high risk for General Anesthesia.

Patients who have jaw problems or cervical problems, difficult for conventional Micro Laryngeal surgeries with rigid endoscopes under general anesthesia are also candidates for Office Laryngeal Surgeries.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Melody Voice Clinic, Hyderabad, A.P. India a division of SRI SATYA SAI CENTRE FOR VOICE DISORDERS is dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of clinical voice disorders and understanding of the process of voice production. The clinical and research voice laboratory provides a centre for evaluation and treatment for individuals with voice problems as well as a centre for original research in the areas of normal and abnormal voice production and treatment efficacy. In addition, the centre is dedicated to educating the public and related professionals in area of vocal health and management. It is the mission of the centre to
  • provide effective and efficient patient care by computerised analysis and therapy
  • Enhance the understanding of voice through meaningful research
  • Share knowledge of voice through educational programs.

The institute is one of the first clinical voice laboratories in India to offer instrumental assesment as part of a comprehensive examination of voice disorders ranging from mild hoarseness caused by voice misuse to potential cancers, and one of the best centers in India for Phonosurgery or Voice Surgery for correction of voice disorders. The institute is one of the first clinical voice laboratories in India to offer instrumental assesment as part of a comprehensive examination of voice disorders ranging from mild hoarseness caused by voice misuse to potential cancers, and one of the best centers in India for Phonosurgery or Voice Surgery for correction of voice disorders.
THE VOICE TEAMThe Voice Team Consists of :-
1. Ear,Nose,Throat surgeon (Otolaryngologist) specialised in voice surgery.
2. Voice pathologist or voice therapist.
3. Plastic surgeon. 04. Singing specialist or voice coach.

The evaluation of voice disorders is made by discussion among the voice team and decisions are made for the appropriate, medical, surgical or rehabilitation treatments.
THE INSTRUMENTATIONTimes change and alter needs. It is no longer adequate to simply listen to the patients voice and says "the voice sounds better". Today with the concept of accountability the objective voice measures not only provide unbiased documentation of change but also provide information regarding the improvement of voice at --- pre and post treatment stages, that neither the eye not the ear is capable of discerning. The laryngeal function tests or objective voice measures consists of
1. Audio Voice recording.
2. Computerized acoustic voice Analysis.For factor such as hoarseness,pitch,loudness on a visual screen display. They measure, analyse and display, digital readouts of these factors.  3. Spectrographic voice analysis.Similar to finger prints are unique to each individuals.4. Computerized aerodynamic analysis.for pulmonary function and voice assessment.5. Laryngeal videostrobo/endoscopic analysis.The vibrations of the vocal cords are so rapid that they are invisible to the naked eye.Laryngeal video-stroboscopy permits the examiner and also the patient to observe the movement and function of vocal cords in simulated slow motion on a color monitor.It also helps to check for stiffness or inappropriate closure or irregular movements of vocal folds. It also detects the vocal fold scars which are responsible for hoarse voice, with otherwise normal looking vocal cords.It also helps in the early diagnosis of vocal cord malignancy or cancer.
The Melody Voice Care Centre concentrates in the management of both functional and organic voice problems.The centre is unique in providing very effective treatment by computer is.

Computerised voice analysis and therapy gives a ray of hope for professional voice users like Singers, Teachers, Politicians etc., It is the only centre in the state concentrating on Phonosurgery (Voice Surgery) for restoration of hoarse voice in vocal cord paralysis, spasmodic dysphonia and senile dysphonia. The various Phonosurgical techniques include Laryngeal injection techniques, Laryngoplasty, and Phonomicro Surgey.

Monday, 7 September 2015

A few interesting aspects about human voice

    Human voice involves a very complex mechanism for gifted speech.   
      Only human being has the capacity to modulate the voice by altering the pitch or frequency but not any other species on the earth. This is possible because of a special structure in the vocal cords of human being called ‘vocal ligament'.Human voice is unique for each individual like a finger print.It has been found that there are 100 types of human voices on the globe. The human voice reflects the personalities of each individual.Imagine a police officer or military officer 6 feet tall has a female voice during his commands.A beautiful young lady when talks on phone if identified as a boy for her voice imagine her feelings.Voice is key factor for communication skills.Even minute voice problems may endanger the life of a professional voice user particularly singers.Many people in the society desperately feel that they have no solution for their voice problem which may lead to depression in course of time.   
          The aim of our Melody Voice Clinic is to serve individuals with voice disorders by world class medical and surgical methods of treatment. It also promotes the voice science to doctors and allied professionals.