Wednesday, 4 November 2015


PUBEROPHONIACorrection of female voice in males

Puberophonia is an altered behavioral voice problem in boys or males due to changes in the tension of vocal folds resulting in a high pitched or female voice.

Voice therapy:- Excellent results in 80% of cases

Type-III Thyroplasty
Is the choice of surgery which is done under local anesthesia while tuning the frequency on the operating table while the person is awake and speaking. It is usually indicated when the conventional treatment of voice therapy failed or in patients who are reluctant to voice therapy

Results of Surgery :- More than 98% are successful in our hands since 1996

Voice Conversion is possible either by voice therapy or pitch altering surgery or sometimes both combined. Pitch altering surgery is one type of Phonosurgery done under local anesthesia while the person is speaking on the operating table It is applied for conversion of female voice to male voice in males and vice versa
This technique also called as Laryngeal Frame work surgery,also useful for voice conversions in transsexuals with other added procedures.

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