Monday, 7 September 2015

A few interesting aspects about human voice

    Human voice involves a very complex mechanism for gifted speech.   
      Only human being has the capacity to modulate the voice by altering the pitch or frequency but not any other species on the earth. This is possible because of a special structure in the vocal cords of human being called ‘vocal ligament'.Human voice is unique for each individual like a finger print.It has been found that there are 100 types of human voices on the globe. The human voice reflects the personalities of each individual.Imagine a police officer or military officer 6 feet tall has a female voice during his commands.A beautiful young lady when talks on phone if identified as a boy for her voice imagine her feelings.Voice is key factor for communication skills.Even minute voice problems may endanger the life of a professional voice user particularly singers.Many people in the society desperately feel that they have no solution for their voice problem which may lead to depression in course of time.   
          The aim of our Melody Voice Clinic is to serve individuals with voice disorders by world class medical and surgical methods of treatment. It also promotes the voice science to doctors and allied professionals.


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